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Zero Gravity Experience!

What started out as just a submission video to hopefully be considered for an incredible event, turned into a life changing experience. It seems like just weeks ago when I heard about the Space for Humanity opportunity for two lucky contestants to join a specially chartered Zero Gravity Flight on board Go Zero G. I thought about what this would mean for my STEM outreach work, helping to inspire future STEM leaders and beyond. I thought about what this would mean for representation, showcasing diversity in a field of science where Black & Brown voices aren't traditionally represented. I voiced all of this in my submission video, and now I stand here as one of a small group of people to experience true Zero-G.

Our flight took place this past Monday in Denver, CO. It was a pleasure meeting the entire Space for Humanity team and having a chance to discuss more in detail about what this trip means for all of us. The "Overview Effect", which is a main theme in Space for Humanity's mission, really reflects a universal approach that we should all have. A better respect for each other, our planet, and our place in it. Learning more about our universe, gives us a better understanding of who we are, which ultimately is encouragement to preserve and protect what we treasure here on Earth. The goal of this Zero G trip for me was to help better present that mindset to my community. To utilize my platform and voice to reach others in a unique and dynamic way.

The past week was a steady build up to our experience and included a number of live events and social media interaction. It all culminated with us jumping on board a custom 727 jet and going through a series of 16 mid-air parabolas that enabled us to experience true weightlessness. The feeling is almost indescribable. Literally floating in space, being able to propel myself effortlessly across the aircraft is just a surreal feeling. As a kid I always dreamed of what it would feel like launching in a spacecraft and experiencing zero gravity in outer space. Now I can say I know that exact feeling, and was able to experience it right here on Earth.

The places that this SciComm journey has taken me are truly unbelievable. I look forward to using this experience as I continue to pursue my STEAM outreach efforts, building excitement and enthusiasm for young minds all across the globe. Spreading the love of science, and showing that you can live your wildest dreams with a little determination, passion, and a never ending curiosity.

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