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Youth for the Rainforest!

If you've been following my platform, you should know by now my undying love for the rainforest. Rainforests have always been one of my favorite ecosystems...full of life, biodiversity, and wonder. Unfortunately, much of our rainforests are being absolutely devastated by deforestation, mining, global warming, and agriculture.

Many organizations out there are doing incredible work in helping conserve these precious ecosystems, but none moreso than Reserva. As the first fully funded youth nature reserve, this platform is taking rainforest conservation to the next level by introducing it to our youth communities that are going to be the future of its protection. I've had the pleasure of working with Reserva over the past year on their annual Rainforest fundraiser, new species of frog naming campaign, and even most recently the Run for the Rainforest event. I'm happy to say that my work with this organization has been solidified now in an even more important way.

I'm officially on the Board of Directors for Reserva along with an incredible group of conservation advocates and youth. Being a part of this board means I get to be more heavily involved in the activities of the organization, as well as utilize my platform to bring even more attention to its initiatives. I'm excited for the trajectory of the organization, as there are some amazing campaigns and opportunities already in the works for 2021 & beyond. More incredible updates to come, but you can be sure to see my face thoroughly involved in some awesome conservation campaigns in the near future!

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