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Yes, This Worm-Like Creature is Your Ancestor.

"This is for the critics who doubted the chemistry/two different worlds/same symmetry" - Pusha-T.

King Push's words ring true in terms of the one word that unites the majority of our animal kingdom - symmetry. The organism just discovered is yours, mine, and every other living being's ancestor. Named Ikaria wariootia, this organism is about the size of a grain of rice and lived over 555 million years ago under the sea floor. Using 3D scanning technology, scientists were able to locate evidence of its burrows in the sediment along with physical fossils of over 100 specimens.

It's the earliest known finding of a bilateral organism - these are animals that have a distinct front and back end with connecting internal guts and a symmetrical physical form (left and right side). This evolutionary function enabled organisms to purposefully navigate their environments and allowed for better organization of their anatomical features...and thank God for that, otherwise we'd all be like echinodmerms, pooping and eating from our mouths...

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