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I've had the amazing opportunity to partner with the USA Science & Engineering Festival over the past few years on a number of incredible STEM programs. None of them have been more impactful and game changing than their XSTEM live events! Earlier this year we packed the house in San Diego with over 2,000 students, and now we've brought some of the most amazing minds in STEM to over 2,500 students throughout the DMV area!

I had the chance to host the XSTEM Live event in DC, which put students front and center with STEM leaders ranging from NASA scientists to Forensic scientists, and even Environmental Engineers and Entomologists! Students were able to ask questions, engage, and hear about how these incredible scientists paved their unique career paths.

Of course, yours truly brought the energy all day long as the official host for the event - getting students hyped and energized about learning! Stay on the look out for another XSTEM event coming to a city near you soon!

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