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Wisconsin Science Festival!

This week I had the amazing opportunity to be part of the Wisconsin Science Festival in Madison, WI! This incredible event took place across the state, and was the longest event in its 12 year history!

The week started with me hosting a fun adult-themed Nerd Nite event where we listened to renowned experts discussing amazing research in their fields. Complete with trivia questions, giveaways, and fluorescent drinks!

The following day I hosted interactive sessions with hundreds of middle school students in attendance. They had the chance to get hands on with engaging activities and of course get curious about fascinating things happening in the world of science during my presentation "Curiosity is Nature's PhD".

Key Takeaways from my Presentation:

"Curiosity is Nature's PhD"

- Simply asking questions and being inquisitive can open up so many doors for you. All of my work as an Entrepreneur and Science Communicator has come from me being willing to think outside the box, and pushing boundaries & expectations.

"There's Science in Everything"

- Learning doesn't stop in the classroom. There are scientific elements in everything you do - from the decisions you make to the music you listen to, and even the activities you enjoy. You are a scientist in ALL aspects of your day to day life.

Thank you to the Wisconsin Science Festival for recognizing the importance of STEAM education, and knowing that sparking curiosity is the key to expanding opportunities for our youth!

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