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We all got to witness a technological marvel and impressive feat for humanity as we sent two brave astronauts on the first ever private crewed space flight. The successful launch has paved the way for future missions that could change the way we navigate outer space.⁣

Meanwhile, here on Earth we’re facing TWO pandemics. The fight against COVID has already shown a disproportionate effect on communities of color. Now with continued racial injustices we’re taking hits on all fronts. It’s hard to think about it at the moment with cities burning, riots in the streets, and communities living in fear, but space travel gives us hope for a greater future. It shows us what men & women can do when we work together to innovate. Even the possibility of discovering life outside our world keeps us on our toes knowing that we may not be alone in this cold, vast universe.⁣

Discussing science during this time, shouldn’t be seen as a distraction. Science and social issues always go hand in hand. They both need platforms to be presented. They both have an intrinsic impact on each other. They both tell us more details about the environment we’re living in. Continue using your platforms to speak up, have the uncomfortable conversations, and embrace your peers & counterparts during this time. That’s all part of science, and it’s much needed in order to face this brave new world.

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