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Walking the Walk Together

In light of the current racial climate in America, Santa Clara University engineering students wanted to find a way to share their thoughts, concerns, and figure out what they could do to better promote togetherness and equality on campus & beyond.

I was incredibly honored to be asked to speak on a panel with other community & STEM leaders including Sydel Curry-Lee, Julia Price, & Kerith Burke. We had an amazing discussion on diversity & inclusion, highlighting our own journeys through our careers, and addressing topics of racial injustice & racism.

One issue I always make sure to address when discussing this topic is that science, politics, and racism aren't mutually exclusive. Every field of study, area of entertainment, and governmental issue is affected by racism, thus it's our duty to mention them hand in hand and not keep them separated.

I found it incredibly important that we were delivering this message to not only staff & faculty, but groups of current college students and young working professionals. They are the future STEM leaders and the ones that will carry this torch of addressing racial injustice to their eventual workplaces and career fields. It was amazing to share a message of positivity and actionable steps that they can now use as they navigate their own paths.

See below for the full panel discussion and learn about some tools that you can use when working to encourage diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism.

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