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To Space & Beyond!

Landing a deal on Shark Tank was great and all, but for my science nerd side this news truly had me all smiles! :)

Incredible shout out to the team at Hi-SEAS for including my JADA Brands product line as part of their most recent Moon Base simulation. In collaboration with the Moon Base Alliance, my line of Vegan Seasonings and Plant Based Chick'n were incorporated by the crew members in their most recent mission to the long duration Moon/Mars analog site. The team demonstrated its potential to be used as a healthy alternative to support future planetary explorers on the Moon. This team is doing amazing things that will help train future explorers and provide us with the tools we need to sustain habitable environments on celestial bodies.

We have another collaboration in the works for their next mission simulation for their Mars crew. Excited to continue this partnership and expand even further on their upcoming Mars mission. Perhaps we could turn this simulation test into a physical reality by the time we send our next astronauts on a space exploration to Mars?!

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