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To Mars & Beyond!

I previously highlighted an incredible partnership with Hi-SEAS and my food company JADA Brands. After our Shark Tank airing, a number of amazing opportunities have come along, but none that merged two of my worlds more than this.

Hi-SEAS is doing incredible work, performing simulations of crewed expeditions to Mars & Moon bases. These facilities are giving us the ability to learn how to better navigate and survive on future long term space missions. One obvious concern for long duration space travel is how to feed the crew, and that's where this amazing collaboration opportunity stemmed from. The previous Moon base simulation a few months ago utilized JADA's seasoning and new Plant Based Chick'n as a food item for the station's crew. Both of the products were a huge hit, and were requested by the explorers for the upcoming Mars simulation.

I was able to provide product for the crew to use and test out during their simulation. It once again proved to be a great item that could have a very useful application for future space missions. Our Plant Based Chick'n is truly innovative, allowing you to cook up any chicken recipe by simply adding oil, water, and seasoning to a shelf stable dry mix. The ease of use and long shelf life for a meat substitute has made it a favorable food item, and I look forward to a continued partnership with Hi-SEAS. Who knows, we may see JADA Brands products on a future NASA mission to Mars or the Moon!

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