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The Science of Racial Identity

My exploration of Science Mysteries on YouTube continues! A few weeks ago we dove into possible theories that could explain the disappearance of Bobby Shmurder's hat. An age old mystery that has baffled both scientists and hip hop heads for years. This week we dive into another scientific phenomenon with very real human connections.

The issue of racial identity has been one of heavy discussion for decades. With racial injustice and cultural appropriation at the forefront of society right now, many discoveries came about that have shaken up societies views of race. One infamous story, highlights Rachel Dolezal, the former chapter President of the NAACP that revealed she had been white all along. This story was not an isolated incident. This year alone, multiple other individuals were identified to be misrepresenting their race and claiming to live their lives as black people.

In our recent mystery exploration, I highlight how these current events have very close similarities to nature. This video breaks down the concept of biomimicry, how organisms use it for an evolutionary advantage, and what types of mimicry could possible help explain this sudden wave of cultural appropriation and race baiting. Of course, I dissect this as only the Hip Hop MD can. Tune in and subscribe to get notified about future science mysteries to come!

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