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The Science of Breaking!

One thing I love to highlight on this platform is finding the science in everything. Whether it be music, sports, or entertainment - and what can be more entertaining than dance! Breaking to be more specific!

As part of the 4 pillars of hip hop culture along with MC'ing, DJ'ing, and Graffiti - Breaking has been synonymous with hip hop from its birth. However, you probably don't think a crazy one handed air flare or windmill are that scientific do you? Well, think again! There are all sorts of elements of physics at play in every single break move.

This week I was invited by the amazing team at Red Bull to be part of the Red Bull BC One US National Breaking Competition Finals to discover the science at work! The top B-Boys and B-Girls from across the country competed to wear the crown of the best breaker in the country, with the opportunity to represent the US at the World Championships in New York. With breaking set to make its debut in the Olympics in 2024, it was absolutely amazing to connect with so many talented breakers and dive into some fun science topics. After my upcoming video series breaking down this event, you may never look at angular momentum or frictional forces the same ever again!

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