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Texas Instruments Education

Now here's a story of things coming around full circle. I remember in high school not being able to afford a TI graphing calculator. It felt like all my peers had the latest piece of calculating technology to help them with our math quizzes and other science problems. It wasn't until my higher level math courses in college that I was able to use some scholarship funds to invest in a TI-83 that forever changed my ability to do complex calculations.

After a few career changes, a number of moves, and a lot of growth, I'm now proud to say I officially have a partnership with TI Education! I'm leading an incredible series on Earth Sciences through their TI Education YouTube channel, helping students gain a better understanding of our amazing blue planet. Make sure to tune in to the series which is now up on their platform, and join me live in the next few weeks for a full live stream session where we'll go more in depth in everything Earth!

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