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Supporting Urban Green Spaces

We often talk about diversity in STEM and the disproportionate involvement of people of color in the STEM fields. Whether that be professionally in the workforce, or on the introductory level in grade school and high school. My platform has always aimed to inspire, motivate, and encourage more minority and youth involvement in STEM.

Apart from providing the most direct resources regarding available professions within the STEM fields, one easy way to get our youth involved early is providing safe spaces where they can get fully immersed in nature. BLISS Meadows is doing just that. This 10 acre lot located in an urban community in Baltimore is providing safe and equitable green spaces where communities of color can become one with nature and everything that it has to offer.

Backyard Basecamp has been working diligently on this project for years and has plans to renovate a vacant farm house on the lot and turn it into a LEED certified educational facility, while also providing classes and hands-on learning opportunities. Green spaces are so vital for urban communities, as they set the basis for knowledge about natural sciences, and give the youth and even adults amazing resources to learn more about topics in sustainability, agriculture, and wildlife.

Backyard Basecamp is nearing their financial goal to fully develop this plot of land, and you can be a part of it! I had the pleasure of producing this video which highlights everything you need to know about their mission and how you can support! Visit the link to learn how you can donate and support equity & diversity when it comes to one of our greatest resources - green spaces.

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