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STEM Success!!

About 5 months ago, a team of us united to begin planning out what would be the second installment of the STEM Success Summit. The first one was a virtual event, before virtual events were cool, and brought together almost 1,000 individuals all interested in STEM careers. We knew we had an incredible opportunity to grow this platform and bring in more diverse voices. This vision set us off on a mission to make the 2nd event bigger, better, more inclusive, and with a goal of empowering a greater underrepresented community.....And boy did we ever!

This year's STEM Success Summit brought in over 2,000 attendees from all across the globe! India, Algeria, Kenya, Ghana, Mexico, Ireland, and even Australia were all represented. Young professionals experienced the high energy passion of our 9 member team and had the chance to network with peers, speak to working professionals, and get inspired by incredible stories. We had workshops and seminars highlighting how to utilize your voice to advance your career, how to find mentors or be a mentor, tips on self health while navigating tough career paths, and much much more!

Oh, and did I mention, we had some of the most iconic figures in education and STEM speaking directly to our audience. I had a personal one on one conversation with the amazing Tatyana Ali, well known for her role as Ashley Banks in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. We touched on a variety of subjects including the importance of black & brown voices in STEM, diversity & equity, politics, and even got insight on the challenges she faced navigating her pursuit of higher education. We had Iddris Sandu drop gems on how to challenge yourself creatively that got everyone in attendance thinking differently about coding and entrepreneurship.

Overall, we couldn't have imagined the event being much better. Ourselves as a team even had the chance to build a more dynamic relationship spending time together remotely (and safely) hosting the virtual event. With all that being said, you know we can't be satisfied! We're already looking forward to STEM Success Summit 2021 and how we can double or triple our efforts to bring more STEM excitement to a global audience. Stay tuned!

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