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STEM Poetry Was Lit!

Arts. The one element often left out of our discussions of STEM education. More and more we are realizing the importance of incorporating the "A" in STEAM. The arts bridges that gap between the science and creative. It gives all of us that connect with the sciences, a pathway to the other elements in life that we love and appreciate. It also gives a voice, both figuratively and literally, to all of us that pursue opportunities in the STEM fields - and the recent event that I did was scientific proof!

The 2022 Virtual STEM Poetry Slam brought some incredible young professionals in the STEM field together to speak their truths, shed light on their journeys, express their concerns, and so much more in poetic form. Hearing some incredible connections between aerospace engineering and falling love, or biological principles used to explain the importance of conserving our natural environment was both an awe inspiring and entertaining moment.

It was an absolute pleasure to host this event organized by STEMedia, and help bring some energy to the artistic format. We heard from engineers, biologists, chemists, and much more in a way that we don't normally see them in the lab. Using their voice and creative expression to showcase their wide array of skills. If you missed out on this event, check out the official playback, and get ready for more of the "Arts" to be gracing more STEM stages soon!

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