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STEM Outreach - Black History Month

February is Black History Month. As we reflect on all of those in the past that helped shape our world and lead us to where we are now, we also recognize those that are currently doing amazing work. Those advocating and showcasing representation in STEM fields & beyond to help further inspire our youth to do amazing things.

I feel incredibly honored to be part of such a dynamic community of smart, diverse individuals who really embody what it means to be a scientist. Many of these individuals and peers have reached out to me to support some of the ventures this month, as well as numerous schools and organizations. Seeing the need for representation in their classrooms, and the desire of many teachers to show their students the many faces of scientists has been amazing.

Opportunities such as being on board a panel at NVIDIA that recognized Black individuals for their work in STEM to speaking to K-4th graders for their Black History Month discussions, showed the ever growing importance of diverse voices when it comes to education and professional environments. I look forward to continuing to do this outreach work and show the world the many beautiful, diverse, and well rounded voices of US.

Black History Month Assembly K-5th Graders

Celebrating Black Voices - NVIDIA Panel

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