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STEM Avengers Unite for Success!

Last year marked the first ever STEM Success Summit. A special group of STEM professionals and influencers teamed together to provide helpful tips, networking opportunities, and resources for those interested in the STEM fields or currently navigating through them. The 3 day event included over 20 speakers, live sessions, and networking opportunities that brought together some incredibly diverse STEM voices.

Now, the STEM Avengers are uniting again with a larger planning committee that also includes yours truly! Yes, the Hip Hop MD is part of the diverse collective bringing you the 2nd annual STEM Success Summit! This time, however, we're going bigger and better than before! We're bringing on board more dynamic speakers, sponsors, prizes, giveaways, and networking opportunities that will help jumpstart anyone's enthusiasm in STEM. This summit is aimed at empowering young adults who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields - providing them with the tools and resources they need to get ahead, as well as uplifting the next generation of STEM professionals.

Join us, November 19-21st for another 3 day event completely free! Our lineup of speakers and influencers is growing by the day, so make sure you save the date and register ASAP to be a part! We will be releasing more details over the coming weeks, so stay tuned. This will be an all star lineup of some of the most unique diverse STEM voices ever. STEM Avengers unite!

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