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Stay Curious in Your Pursuit!

It's always a great time being able to go back to your home town, but even better when you're able to go back and make an impact!

I had the honor of being invited to TAF Academy in Federal Way, WA to speak to the winners of their STEM Expo competition. Students presented a variety of technological applications to solve real world problems, from bridge design to even oil cleanup, and winners received the ultimate grand prize - a science session with the Hip Hop MD!

I spoke to the winners (6-10th grade) about my unique STEM journey, explored some interesting research happening in the world of science, and wrapped it all up with a full hands-on experiment where students were able to extract DNA from strawberries.

It was amazing hearing about the research and work that went into their projects, and everything they learned along the way. Even moreso, the opportunity to help inspire them further and spark some curiosity in areas of science they never thought possible!

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