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Speak With Empathy!

When we address issues about the lack of representation in STEM, there are obviously many factors to consider. One commonly overlooked is the most humanistic element that we can possibly deliver. Empathy.

Especially for those outside of the community looking to support or provide assistance, it's incredibly important to first look at the community you're hoping to reach and have a foundational understanding of what effects them. Know where they're coming from, what impacts them, and how they feel. This simple understanding goes a long way in truly being able to address the change that's needed. One thing I always try to incorporate on this platform is an empathetic perspective especially when connecting with our youth. Changing the narrative about STEM and sparking curiosity and excitement in these fields will only come on deaf ears without a respective approach that aims to connect at the very core.

Knowing this, it was such a pleasure being able to speak with Maria Ross on the amazing podcast Empathy Edge. This platform provides a quick dose of motivation and inspiration from leaders and other professionals that are making waves in their business by putting empathy at the forefront. Check out our interview together which can also be found on any of your favorite podcast streaming sites!

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