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Space Symposium Here I Come!

Next week is going to be an incredible week for all of my fellow Space fanatics! The 37th annual Space Symposium is upon us, and your's truly will be in attendance as the official Brand Ambassador for the Space Foundation!

The Space Symposium brings together all related industries in the space community for an incredible week of networking, brainstorming, and dialogue about important space topics. If you're a space professional, working in the industry, or simply just love learning about new advancements in space technology - this is the place to be. If you can't attend live in-person, the Virtual Space Symposium offers the same interactive experience from the comfort of your own home. You can use my CODE: DisVirtSoc437 to get an amazing discount on this package. The virtual platform will give you full access to the speaking events, networking sessions, and exclusive virtual only content. You'll also be able to access ALL the content from the event for an entire year!

Looking forward to seeing all my Astro Lovers next week!

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