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Science Meets Science Fiction!

We all know Hip Hop Science has been merging the worlds of hip hop, entertainment, and science to help engage with STEM topics in a whole new way....but happens when Science meets Science Fiction?! get OutpostCon of course!

Outpost brings together interesting minds in science, entertainment, and science fiction to explore the ridiculous, the incredible, and our possible futures. This year's event has gone virtual and features and extraordinary lineup of scientists from a wide range of fields. Topics will include everything from superhero science to colonizing Mars, as well as the importance of diversity in SciComm.

I'm happy to announce I'll be a featured guest and panelist in this year's event joining the likes of Raven Baxter, Tamara Roberts, & Tanya Harrison to bring you introspective conversations in some of the most unique areas of science. This event will merge contrasting worlds like never before, while sparking curiosity in all those who attend. Registration is now open so go online and reserve your spot!

Oh, and did I mention....not only am I set to speak, but I've also been nominated for an official award! Your's truly is a finalist for "Best Streaming Content" amongst some very elite company! You surely don't want to miss this event!

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