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Science Dad Life!

This past November 12th, we welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby girl into the world - Journi Okereke! As her name implies, she took quite the journey to get here, not only between the growth of my wife and I, but also making it home after a 4 day stint in the NICU. It's been an absolute joy celebrating our new addition with our family, and now unveiling her to friends and the rest of my amazing science community.

Officially now one month in, I have to say #ScienceDadLife has been a very unique experience, filled with new revelations and understandings, and a lot of balancing between family, life, work, and other responsibilities. I'm incredibly happy that I have a great stretch of time off to really enjoy time with our new love. With no major science expeditions set until after January, I'm definitely soaking all of this in and looking forward to all the new scientific inspiration this experience is going to bring! Can't wait for all the future outdoor explorations and daddy/daughter science experiments to come!

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