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Representation in STEM

I always stress the importance of representation here on my platform. From an early age, being able to see people that look like you excelling in areas of STEM drives home a number of important ideals. Inspiration that you can achieve, motivation to pursue higher learning, and encouragement that you aren't alone in your interests or desired paths. These visuals are key in the development of young minds, and helps set the way for influential and long lasting change.

That's why it's so incredible to see a show like Ada Twist Scientist being brought to light, especially on a major platform like Netflix. A show where young, black, female children can see themselves and be inspired by the love of science. It's been so incredible hearing how many people are excited about this program. Everyone from parents to teachers, families and youth have been raving about the book series, and are now excited to share this experience in an interactive cartoon format.

I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of this program as a featured scientist on the live action portion of the cartoon show. My episode, which will be releasing on the 2nd season is still a bit away, but in the meantime you can enjoy the extraordinary and diverse group of scientists that are showcased on this current season. Not only will you be supporting a much needed concept in the entertainment space, but you'll also be fueling energy and sparking curiosity for our future diverse STEM leaders!

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