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People of Change Awards

In an incredible act of recognition that took me completely by surprise, I was honored to accept the STEM award from the People of Change. Each year, this star studded celebration is hosted here in Los Angeles, CA with previous awardees including Hollywood socialite Angela Davis, tech phenom Iddriss Sandu, and Essence Magazine contributor & financial guru Ashley Fox.

The award ceremony highlights achievements made by notable change makers in the fields of STEM, business & economic development, and Civil Engagement. Typically the night includes an array of food, live music, a silent auction, and more...but of course with COVID restrictions there were a few major modifications to this year's event. I graciously accepted my award via Zoom this year along with the organizing committee and the rest of the awardees. It was great to not only be honored, but to hear about the amazing work some of my peers are doing in their own respective communities across America.

The people of change premier program Hip through Science helps increase the interest of STEM in our urban and underserved communities, which is the stand out element that got our platforms connected. I find it amazing still when people notice my platform and the work that I'm doing. I love opportunities to collaborate and build with like minded individuals and programs, and this connection was surely a match made in heaven. I thank everyone at the People of Change for the recognition, and especially to all those (including you reading this blog right now) for your continued support and assisting in bringing this Hip Hop Science platform to the masses!

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