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Out of This World Symposium!

What an incredible week at this year's 37th Space Symposium!

It was my first time in attendance at the largest space industry event in the world, and it certainly did not disappoint! So many incredible companies, organizations, programs, and people sharing a love for space technology & exploration in one space (pun intended)...what more could you ask for?

This event was a definite reminder of how much of a collaborative process Space Travel & Exploration is. Often times we focus on the big headlining platforms that make the news, and forget about all the software & hardware companies, manufacturers, government agencies, and beyond that play critical roles in supporting our mission of making space more accessible. This event truly deepened my appreciation for all that goes into spearheading the next frontier, and driving us forward into a more diverse and inclusive space community.

Among many highlights was reconnecting with my good friend Dr. Sian Proctor (seeing her speak in person never fails to give me goosebumps). I also enjoyed my time with the Space Foundation team who welcomed me with open arms as one of the "space influencers" at the event. I definitely had the easiest job at the conference - sharing exciting news about the future of space travel, and engaging my audience with everything taking place live at the symposium. I had a chance to discuss the Artemis mission & updates on the James Webb Space Telescope with the team at NASA, gain some insight on the new rocket technology in development at ULA, hear from educators doing incredible work in STEM education, and see how AI is playing a role in the future of space travel.

I'm incredibly excited to continue this partnership with the Space Foundation, and looking forward to bringing more new and exciting updates in space exploration in the very near future. So much more could be said about this experience, but instead of detailing all the amazing highlights, check out this mini recap!

Incredible thank you to the team at the U.S. National Laboratory for letting me turn up in this near fully replicated model of the ISS research lab!

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