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Ocean Exploration Trust Fellowship

Growing up watching National Geographic, I always imagined myself as part of a science exploration team. Traveling to remote, unexplored regions, collecting data, and observing the amazing wonders of our world. Creating this science platform, connecting with the #SciComm & #STEM community, and honing in to what I always envisioned my creative ability to be has opened up doors I never thought possible.

I'm excited and anxious to announce I've been officially selected as a 2020 cohort for the Ocean Exploration Trust Science Communication Fellowship! I'll be boarding the E/V Nautilus exploration vessel later this summer as part of the Nautilus Live team. We'll be conducting scientific research on board the ship with the goal of exploring never before seen parts of the ocean, pushing the boundaries of ocean engineering, technology, education, & communication, and spreading the excitement of ocean exploration to people all across the globe.

I'm looking forward to bringing my merger of Hip Hop & science out to the deep sea, engaging viewers and future explorers like never before. The Hip Hop MD is going sailing! If only my younger, Wu-Tang listening, Bill Nye watching self could see me now!

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