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Not The Science Type

One with nature.

As early as I can remember, I've always had a fascination with the outdoors. I believe my early childhood in Cameroon gave me exposure to so many unique environments, and a wonder for the world around me. Once I returned to the U.S., my fascination only grew. Leading to exploring local ponds for wildlife, and doing my best imitation of Steve Irwin. Strangely enough, being the Senior Student of the Year (my high school's version of valedictorian) all I heard was "you're too smart to go play in the jungle" or "there's no money in studying animals".

These words planted insecurities in what I could potentially do in my initial field of interest. I ended up choosing Civil/Environmental engineering as a default option that could give me future job security, while still staying connected to my environmental side. Ironically, I still heard the same words of discouragement - "You don't look like an engineer", or "I don't see you as the engineering type". With no examples of representation to follow, I was still stuck in the same place. Having to use my own curiosity to drive me forward.

I now find myself using that undying love of nature to showcase representation in fields that traditionally don't reflect "my type". Going on exploratory trips to understand how invasive species like this Red Eared Slider Turtle are impacting native environments. That's why it's amazing to see 3M supporting STEM equity and diversity in science. If we're truly to believe that anyone can be a scientist if they follow their passions, then we need a company like this supporting underrepresented groups in STEM. Giving future leaders encouragement that they belong, and no longer questioning if #ScienceLooksLikeMe . This is certainly reflected in 3M's film #NotTheScienceType that highlights the journey of four diverse women in STEM. Making this movement far from just a hashtag, but a way of thinking that other diverse professionals can follow.

Check out the incredible trailer for3M's film "Not the Science Type" below as well as the full film here to hopefully gain some inspiration that science can look like you too!

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