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More Than Just a Scientist!

Many new faces to this channel may be surprised to see all this crazy scientific content; however, those that have been following for a while may be thinking the complete opposite. Wait, you run a business as well?! Yes, the Hip Hop MD is more than just a scientist.

I was blessed this past weekend to air on Shark Tank, pitching my Vegan company JADA to not only the Sharks, but millions of people all across North America. My venture into the seasoning space was simply a fulfillment of one of my many passions. One thing I always preach to students and other young professionals I speak to is to not be afraid to venture into other spaces. It's ok to be skilled or have an interest in various contrasting areas. There is no limit, and you should never let anyone set a limit to the things you can accomplish.

My company aims to encourage healthier home cooking and promoting more sustainable ways of food consumption. Two areas that in themselves are very scientific. Not only am I able to maintain my creativity as an entrepreneur, but I'm also able to make an impact on the world and the lives of others. Being a scientist doesn't always mean being relegated to my lab coat and glasses. Whether it's the fusion of sports, music, pop culture, or business....I hope to show people that you can be multiple things. Don't fall victim to the stereotype of "stay in your lane" or "shut up and dribble". You can be more than just what the world views you as. You can be more than just a scientist.

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