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LIVE School from HOME!

2020 has been an unprecedented year, with many parents forced to become educators, and many students taken away from the normal day to day interactions they would have in a school environment. It's safe to say that the way we look at education and the way we teach, may never be the same again. Virtual learning has become the norm, but with many of us either zoomed out, or skyped out, or Microsoft teamed out, we've been on the search for something new and intriguing that can help garner the attention of students.

In comes the wonderful creators of Dexter! This home school platform has reinvented the face of home schooling, taking advantage of the most useful tool in education - highly engaging educators. Yes, sitting in a classroom with your favorite teacher is no longer an option, so how about bringing your favorite teacher straight to your computer? Dexter has found some of the best educators from across the country who are innovators and creators in this new digital space themselves, and brought them front and center digitally to the classroom.

I'm proud to say I'm one of the educators selected by Dexter to provide unique virtual learning opportunities, and bring fun and excitement to STEM education that can keep students engaged and entertained. Every Monday & Tuesday at 12pm PST, you can tune into the Dexter Live platform to be part of my virtual courses. I'm currently teaching a series entitled "Wonderful Wild World" - a unique look at Earth Sciences unlike any other that's been presented.

It's been a joy seeing the excitement in student's faces every time I log in live. Not only do I get to engage with them virtually, but students get to chat with me throughout, and can even come on board live themselves to participate in trivia questions, live experiments, or whatever other surprise I have in store.

If you're a teacher or educator looking for an alternative to the standard virtual learning opportunities available, look no further. Dexter (and the Hip Hop MD) are here to change your perspective on virtual learning for the better!

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