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Library Love!

Yes, libraries need some love too and we brought a ton of love to libraries throughout Montgomery County Maryland this past weekend!

This was a very special workshop with the theme "Oceans of Possibilities". I had the pleasure of highlighting my expedition out at sea on board the E/V Nautilus and showcased some of the incredible scientific discoveries we made. The students were so fascinated by discoveries of octopus, and the use of robots/ROVs to explore regions of the deep sea.

In these sessions I always love using familiar analogies that kids can connect with. Luckily, the ocean lends itself for some incredibly entertaining comparisons. Everything from SpongeBob Squarepants to Wall-E, and even Aquaman! Yes, there's science in everything!

We ended our session with an awesome hands-on experiment that tied everything together. Why discuss an ocean of possibilities if we can't understand how to protect it right? Our density experiment showed how disastrous oil spills can be in our ocean waters, and gave students a better understanding of what it takes to preserve these fragile ecosystems. Now that's the type of love we need to continue to share!

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