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It's Time to Netflix and Learn!

I always discuss on this platform the importance of representation, and how it can be truly transformative. The ability to see people who look like you doing incredible work, particularly in STEM, can redefine your way of thinking and highlight a pathway to future success. This need is of the utmost importance for our youth - showing them from an early age that they too can be included in the world of science.

Ada Twist Scientist on Netflix has been doing just that. Bringing science to the forefront through the eyes of a young Black girl and her awesome group of friends - Using science to solve everyday problems! Now in Season 4 of the show, there's even more representation being reflected, as your's truly is featured in two episodes of the new season!

I'm even more excited to now be able to share this incredible opportunity with my own baby girl, and let her know that absolutely anything is possible for her!

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