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It's All About the Paper!

Well, not so much anymore....advancements in digital technology have made physical newspapers and other printed material almost a thing of the past. That's why I was so thrilled to see my work highlighted on an actual, physically printed newspaper!

Earlier this summer, I contributed some time to the Hemlock Farms Conservancy, a non profit organization that works to protect the environment of the region known as Hemlock Farms in Pennsylvania. Facing a number of challenges with water and forest management, the organization's work became critical in order to conserve this habitat that is home to a number of precious wildlife and plants.

Conservation, protection of our natural resources, and environmental efforts are something I always highlight in my communication work. It's amazing to see my contributions be recognized and for someone to take the extra time to produce, write, AND print it out in paper form shows that much more commitment. Oh, and a little representation shown on topics like conservation certainly goes a long way for our future black and brown scientists to emulate. That right there, is my greatest accomplishment.

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