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I had the pleasure of hosting this year's International Space Station Research & Development Conference (mouthful I know), and what a time it was!

This conference brings together powerhouses from all throughout the aerospace industry to discuss new innovations, collaborative opportunities, and educational resources that could be accelerated and supported by research on the International Space Station. The conference was filled with educational seminars where you could learn from peers, an entire hall filled with booths by innovative leaders in aerospace, as well as a number of keynote presentations and panels.

Your's truly was the official host for Day 3 of the conference where I had the opportunity to introduce a number of amazing speakers, as well as moderate a panel on the future of the STEM Workforce. In this panel we discussed the direction of the space workforce, how we can improve on retention and outreach, and establish a more diverse and inclusive work environment. I absolutely loved the conversation that was had, which included some amazing insight and perspective from our panelists, and it was a joy being able to lead the direction of this important dialogue.

If you've never attended this conference, certainly mark your calendars for next year!

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