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Intersectionality is Key!

Outside of representation and promoting diversity, one thing I've always worked to accomplish with my Hip Hop Science platform is the importance of intersectionality. Intersectionality is a concept that has seen much more attention as of recently as the lines between elements in our world tend to become more blurry. Many subjects we discuss in popular culture are now flooding into our professional work environments and making the need to accept these different areas as the new norm.

Obviously the first thing we think about when it comes to the work I do is the intersectionality between music and science. The use of hip hop references, songs, and artists as tools to further educate on various scientific subjects. Being able to combine these seemingly contrasting worlds is so important in order to make science and education overall more relatable and digestible for students and beyond. I want topics like the Mars landing or a new wildlife discovery to come off the tongue as easily as discussions about our favorite movie or latest tik tok trend. By finding the intersection of these two worlds, we not only draw interest in complex subjects, but make them more palatable for diverse audiences.

However, the intersectionality of varying worlds doesn't just end at music. As en entrepreneur I believe it's also important to show the intersections of business and science as well. We all know technology is the leading field of change. Every device or medium you consume is being influenced by technology and new innovation. I've spoken before about my work in the food business with my company JADA Brands. Our recent launch on Shark Tank has opened my perspective even more about how we can showcase to others the commonalities and influence each sector plays on the other when it comes to business & science. My recent collab with Hi-SEAS where my food products were being used to help train future Mars/Moon explorers was one clear example of that.

I had the pleasure of coming on board the STEM Files podcast and discussing more about this intersectionality and why it's so influential when it comes to education. Check out the full interview I did with the wonderful host Jabrilliant Engineer and think about what other common intersections can be discovered that could help elevate our interest in the STEM fields.

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