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How to Make STEM Education Entertaining & Engaging

Our current pandemic has completely changed the world forever. It's effects are far reaching and have shown some of their most lingering impacts on the education sector. With many traditional resources limited, teachers, parents, and informal educators have had to re-tailor their academic approaches to best serve their students.

This is why I'm happy to announce I'll be participating in this year's Champions for Science Virtual Conference! If you're a formal, informal, aspiring educator, or just someone that wants to better their teaching/outreach skills - this is for YOU! I'll be part of an amazing group of educators sharing their resources, tips, advice, and approaches to education that could prove immensely useful as you navigate this upcoming school year and beyond.

My specific segment will focus on "How to Make STEM Education Entertaining & Engaging". I'll be highlighting how I use my Hip Hop Science platform to spark curiosity and teach fundamental and complex areas of science in a fun & intriguing way.

Early Bird registration is open until August 3rd. Registration to the conference not only gives you access to everything happening live August 12-13, but you also get replay access to ALL of the seminars on the website until September 30th! I look forward to giving you all a few Hip Hop & pop culture related tips that can you get your classroom lit....literally!

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