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How Do You Move that "Dope"?

The quote on the left started floating around social media circles a while back, and I immediately drew a connection to it. The quote on the right followed shortly after, with many in other circles connecting to it as well. So how can one statement have such drastically differing views, and who’s right or wrong? The first answer has to do with our neurological makeup, and the second answer is - absolutely no one.

Motivation is a funny thing. We’re all motivated by different elements, and how we choose to pursue our motivations is even more complex. Circumstances play a major factor in this as well, with the current climate that we’re in proving to be uncharted territory for all. Thus you can imagine how our brains would make varying physiological responses in this environment. Neurotransmitters carry chemical messages that play out in our brain and affect the rest of our bodies. One such neurotransmitter primarily responsible for motivation is dopamine.

Dopamine is most notably connected to our pleasure/reward centers, but spikes in dopamine can also occur in moments of high stress.

Those that connect to the quote on the left are likely to have already had goals of learning a new skill or working on their side hustle. Since dopamine does its work before we actually receive a reward (thus working as more of an encouragement factor), the action of setting quick milestones & expedited micro-deadlines during this phase of increased stress/pressure can actually send a rush of dopamine flowing. Those that connect to the quote on the right, likely have similar goals, but slightly differing neurotransmitter pathways. The encouragement to accomplish goals is still there, but factors such as understanding their need to practice patience, not succumbing to perceived outside expectations, as well as the pleasure gained from single-tasking vs multi-tasking, all contribute to their contrasting yet equivalent dopamine rush.

No matter where on the spectrum you fall, it’s important we all consider our mental health during stressful times. Channel your strength & energy into the pathway that works right for you. Cause at the end of the day in the words of Future, we’ll all still “Move that Dope”.

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