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Hopping Back Back to Cali

We often think of California as the land of Hollywood superstars and rap icons. Perhaps even sunny, palm tree filled beaches and beautiful women. However, if you look past the bright can discover some other even more incredible hidden wonders in local cities like Los Angeles. Hidden wonders like the California Tree Frog.

Backyard Science, the wildlife series that brought you some amazing ways you can make animal discoveries in your own backyard, is back! After a long hiatus, I made the return to this series to showcase an incredible species of frog that can be found right here in Los Angeles. Often confused with the Baja California Tree Frog, the California Tree Frog has a widespread habitat all throughout Southern California into Baja Mexico. Amphibians are highly susceptible to climate change and even the smallest changes to their environments. This makes conservation efforts to protect frog species throughout the globe a very important one. Fortunately, the California Tree Frog lives in abundance in SoCal, so finding this one can be very easy. Check out this latest video highlighting this unique Native California species!

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