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Honorary Inductee!

As a University of Washington graduate in the department of Civil/Environmental Engineering I will always be a Husky; however, for just one day I was an honorary Bronco!

Incredible thank you to Santa Clara University for the invitation to come to your prestigious institution and speak to your students about my journey into Science Communication. I spent a day with a group of their NSBE students and other aspiring engineers to discuss my thoughts and perspective on diversity in STEM, the importance of education, and offer some encouraging words of wisdom.

To culminate my visit, I was also introduced as an honorary inductee into the Order of the Engineer. An amazing distinction that puts me in a group of engineers across the country who are dedicated to their craft, and share their engineering knowledge for the greater good of society. It's an absolute pleasure to be part of this group, and I'm excited to continue using my engineering expertise to help change the face of science!

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