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Hip Hop STEM Engagement

When I started this platform, the overall goal was to use a medium that we all know and love to educate on various scientific subjects. Especially for communities of color, hip hop, pop culture, and entertainment are all things we consume on a regular basis. So why not learn about wave particle duality next time you're listening to a Drake song, or rising air pressure when you're streaming the latest Young Gotti mixtape?

Hip Hop is not just an entertaining element, but can be a very useful tool to relate to the world of science and beyond. It's great to know I'm not the only that feels this way! I was recently interviewed for the current edition of the Diversity in Action magazine. My article also included a few other unique voices using hip hop music as educational tools. This pedagogy is quite incredible when you look at education as a whole, as it's our duty to find out-the box methods to truly engage diverse audiences. It was great to hear other educator's thoughts on diversity and representation, as well as unique methods they're using to reach their classrooms. Even for the non-traditional educator like myself the philosophies presented in this form of teaching stretch far beyond just STEM engagement. They also bring in more creative, inquisitive minds interested in all forms of knowledge, which is something we absolutely need if we are to truly make an impact on our communities in the future. Check out the pages from the article below!

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