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Hip Hop Science Ocean Expedition!

At the start of 2020 I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to be part of the Ocean Exploration Trust Science Communication Fellowship. My acceptance involved a lengthy submission process where I highlighted the STEM outreach work I do with my Hip Hop Science platform. I discussed my love for the ocean, and how it had always been a dream of mine to be part of a research team exploring the deep sea after years of watching NatGeo and Discovery.

I was initially set to sail early summer of 2020, but as we all experienced together, nobody's plans for 2020 went as expected. COVID put an official stop to the expedition, and even as summer of 2021 was approaching the influx of cases still had this trip in question. Now I can officially announce the journey is underway!

I'm set to head out to sea on-board the E/V Nautilus August 4th with the rest of the Ocean Exploration Trust team. I will be on a month-long expedition off the shores of British Columbia in the Pacific Ocean. My team's research will focus on deploying, recovering, and maintaining various underwater observatory sensors and instruments. We will conduct thorough mapping of the sea floor and taking samples of biological and geological findings. The ship is also equipped with highly advanced ROVs that will aid in all our research efforts.

My main role in this program is to communicate all the research and work being done on the ship to not only live stream outlets and platforms connected with OET, but also to my own communities as well. As part of the Science Communication team I will be leading off-shore live sessions to schools, institutions, and other programs to help highlight the amazing work being accomplished on-board. These free LIVE off-shore interactions will allow students to ask questions, engage in a unique format, and learn more about the scientists and research work.

If you are an educator or have a platform/organization with students that would be interested in learning more about the ocean in a highly engaging live format, these sessions are for you! I look forward to bringing more attention to the work of OET and sharing this unique experience with the world. All aboard!

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