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Headed Out to Sea!

The ocean is calling me again!

Yes, this ocean lover is headed back out to the deep sea to help spread ocean awareness and conduct research that will hopefully aid in protecting our precious natural resource. If you've been following my science journey for the past few years, you may remember my epic expedition aboard the E/V Nautilus in 2021 where I spent a month out at sea with an incredible team. We deployed instrumentation, collected water, soil, and animal samples, and performed an amazing amount of engineering throughout our journey. That experience has helped reshape much of my science communication work, and given me an amazing foundation of scientific knowledge that I've been able to share in all my outreach.

Now, I'm headed on another voyage - this time only for a week and a half! Our team will be supporting the UN Decade of Ocean Science mission of mapping out all of Earth's ocean water by the year 2030. We will be traveling from Hawaii to British Columbia conducting deep sea mapping work as part of our hydrography mission. This data will help us better understand the geology and geography of the ocean floor, and give us the tools we need to further protect our waters.

Of course, you can expect a ton of content to be shared on all of my social channels, but you can also tune in once again LIVE during our trip! We'll be conducting ship to shore interactions where organizations and communities from all around the world can tune in to learn more about our research, ask questions, and engage with real life scientists on board. Don't miss out on a chance to bring the love of the ocean directly to your classroom, museum, elementary school, university, or any other educational institution curious about the wonders of our world and the scientists that study it. Bon voyage!

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