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Hands-On Education

We all learn in different ways. Some can easily pick up information just seeing it for the first time. Some need to spend time absorbing the material and studying. However you retain information, there's no better method than hands-on learning.

The ability to physically engage with material...touch, hold, experiment, and play with helps trigger neurological connections that create a permanent hold. Whether it's engaging out on the field with nature, or with physical materials...hands-on learning is so critical for our youth and learners in general.

That's why I was incredibly excited to receive this hands-on science kit from Pitsco Education. Their Arduino Physics Science Kit enables educators to provide their students with fun and engaging hands-on material. Everything from experimental games to even an easy to use phone app that coordinates directly with the content. I had the chance to play around with the material and do some of the physics builds myself. I shared my experience with fellow educator Erica Colon over at Nitty Gritty Science. Check out our video below, and if it excites you - use my special code HipHop25 to receive $25 OFF your very own kit!

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