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H2O in Zero G!

So many amazing things happened on my Zero Gravity trip aboard Go Zero G with Space for Humanity. Not only did we have an amazing experience that's completely reshaped my perspective of space travel, but we learned some incredible scientific facts as well.

One of the most memorable moments during our flight was the effects of zero gravity on water. A few of the pictures I've shared sparked curiosity in a number of science lovers about how elements react in a zero gravity environment.

As the plane heads into its parabolic motion, everything on board is moving at the same speed. That includes objects such our cameras in hand as well as any other paraphernalia on the flight. This also includes liquid like water. During flight, we were able to release water from bottles and physically catch the individual droplets in mid-air. The natural cohesive properties of water accompanied by the state of constant freefall that the molecules are experiencing, enables droplets to float around just like all of us passengers! Check out some of the incredible water related images from our zero gravity trip!

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