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Guess Who's Bizzack!

Last Fall I had the amazing opportunity to come on board as part of the Dexter school platform. Dexter is a global school specially designed to help students reach their full potential. With the ever growing requirement to go virtual, Dexter was properly positioned to be a home school platform due to their innovative teaching processes. With a combination of live instruction, regular tutoring, and personalized curriculum, Dexter has been approaching learning from a completely different perspective.

This is where the Hip Hop MD comes in. As a leading innovator in education, their goal was to give to students access to educators from various platforms and unique educational backgrounds. I was approached and asked if I had interest in conducting virtual courses for their students - teaching STEM courses the way I felt was best for the youth. In the Fall I started a course called the "Wonderful Wild World" which was a break down of Earth Sciences and basic fundamentals about the world around us. The class was a hit, and exposed students not only to Earth Sciences in a whole new way, but also to my completely different teaching style. Everything from entertainer/characters of the day, to science trivia questions, fun science videos, and call and response engagement.

With one semester down, I'm happy to announce I am officially back this semester conducting my "Wonderful Wild World" lesson with a whole new group of students. Slightly more complex, with tasks/assignments each week, but still the high energy and engaging class the students have grown to love!

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