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Going Zero G!

Many of us have grown up with the dream of becoming an astronaut, or astronomer....exploring the vast reaches of our solar system and universe. The feeling of floating around in a space shuttle in low Earth orbit, navigating around our planet. Very few get the opportunity to achieve that goal, but I'm proud to announce that I have that opportunity to do so....right here on Earth!

I've been selected by Space For Humanity to experience Zero Gravity as part of their mission to inspire, connect, and move us all through space exploration. The submission request involved creating a video highlighting why you wanted to experience weightlessness, and what impact this would have on your life. As many of you have been following on my Hip Hop Science platform, my goal has always been to encourage more diversity and youth involvement in the STEM fields - using music, entertainment, & comedy as tools to engage and spark curiosity. I of course made that the main focus of my entry video that I submitted for this competition.

As of this Friday, the official announcement of the winners was made on the Space for Humanity Instagram Live platform, and your's truly is one of the two selected to go Zero G! I'll be joining the Space For Humanity crew, along with future NASA Mars astronaut Alyssa Carson and others for this once in a lifetime experience. I am so thrilled for this opportunity, not for any individual reason, but for what this means for the Science Communication work that I do. Being able to share my experience of doing something that very few ever have the chance to do, is such an empowering visual for students & beyond that may have the same goals or aspirations. Being able to showcase representation in Space sciences is so important for humanity, knowing all that space exploration means for our own Earth's future.

I'm already piecing together all sorts of entertaining & educational content leading up to the event which will happen on May 31st in Denver, CO. I hope to continue to inspire others and shed light on the importance of our voices and participation in STEM; and going Zero G is about to be a huge step forward in doing so!

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