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Gifts Upon Gifts!

There are so many gifts to be thankful for, and especially during these trying times - the gift of life is certainly the most valuable. However, there are gifts that we receive on a daily basis that we often fail to recognize. The gift of supportive friends and communities, the gift of happiness from joyful moments, and the gift of learning. Just like many of you, I take pride in learning new things every day, so having this platform to share the things I've learned is such a privilege.

My work in STEM outreach is driven by my desire to support and encourage those students who I was once in their shoes. Knowing the difficulties of the road ahead, I find pleasure in helping spark curiosity and excitement to lead our next generation into the future. Giving back is simply a way to pass on the blessing and the gifts that I've received.

I'm truly honored and grateful that my work is valued by so many, and has been recognized by a leading company such as Intel. It was such a joy to receive this amazing gift from one of the world's tech giants - a brand new Dell XPS computer! What an amazing and thoughtful present, along with a card showing Intel's support for my platform. I look forward to utilizing this incredible device to continue to do my part in giving back to others. Thank you Intel!

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