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For the Love of Our Oceans!

What a joy to be able to present this past week to the incredible community of the Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Program. This organization is doing amazing work connecting students and beyond with our oceans, conservation, and issues around climate change. As part of their "Deep Dive" series, I spoke about my work in science communication as well as my recent expedition on board the E/V Nautilus. Being able to impact young minds and spark curiosity is at the heart of everything I do on this platform, and being able to share my journey is always an uplifting moment.

This event was more than just hearing me speak however! Bow Seat is establishing an amazing contest aimed at increasing awareness about climate change issues and its impact on our oceans. The contest "THE FUNNY THING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE" - is absolutely free to enter and open to middle & high schools students 11-18 from all across the globe! If you believe you have a gift, or just a gifted idea that you can express in either visual art, poetry/spoken word, creative writing, film, performing arts, or interactive & multimedia - then this contest is for you!

There will be hundreds of cash awards including the "We All Rise" prize recognizing Black, Indigenous, & Latine participants.

In further support of students, Bow Seat is also providing a a free online resource studio that offers interdisciplinary educational experiences using inspiration artwork, journalist media, scientific literature, interactive quizzes, visualization tools and more to help students learn about environmental issues.

Without a doubt, this is something that students from all walks of life should apply for and participate in. If you're an educator, what better way to spark some creative STEAM related learning in your classroom than getting your students involved. I can't wait to see the engaging and stimulating content that's about to come from all the creative voices out there!

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