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Eye On The Future!

If you've been following my platform, you know I'm all about finding unique ways to get our youth engaged in science! Whether it's through social media, music, or movies - simply meeting students where they're at can connect them with STEM topics in an incredible way.

I've officially partnered with the National Eye Institute to support a contest that does just that. Giving teenage youth full control to take their STEM journey wherever they want through the #EyeOnTheFuture Video Contest. By simply choosing one of 3 categories and creating a short video, youth have an opportunity to win $2,000 and a trip to the National Institutes of Health headquarters in Maryland to work and learn from some real life scientists!

Submissions are due by April 16th, so if you're a youth, an educator, or an organization that works with youth - this is an amazing way to help spark their curiosity about whatever topic interests them! Of course you want details, so check out this informative video below and link to everything you need!

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