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Educating Children of Color!

My very first in-person event of 2023 was a great one! Incredible thank you to the team of the Educating Children of Color Conference for inviting me to speak at this celebration of educational success.

This event was complete with two tracks - one specifically focused for parents & educators, and another for our youth (middle school through high school). I had the wonderful opportunity to present the lunchtime keynote where I shared my unique journey into STEM as well as some inspirational insight on how parents and educators can better support their students dreams and aspirations.

I also had the opportunity to host two STEAM workshops for the youth portion of the conference. We got hands-on with one of my favorite experiments "Extracting DNA from Strawberries". Students got to learn about DNA, how our cells function, and what real scientists do in the lab when analyzing DNA.

It's truly a blessing to have these opportunities to speak to our youth and provide much needed motivation and encouragement, especially as we enter the year remembering MLK and everything he stood for in education & equality.

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