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Did Someone Say Seaologist?

"I'm not a Seaologist, but....."

Yes, as you're already thinking Seaology isn't actually a thing. We have oceanographers, marine biologists, marine scientists, name it - all exploring the oceans and learning more about Earth's greatest natural resource. I had the chance to do the same on board the EV Nautilus, and now that I'm finally back I can truly reflect on not only what I learned out at sea, but also the impact I was able to make. The content that I produced during my trip reached audiences globally, and sparked many curious questions about exploration, engineering, and wildlife. I love being able to nerd out on topics like these, but what I love even more is to be able to see all the unique conversations that started because of a thought or connection that people made with my content. This is to all the future scientists, educators, and lifelong learners out there - stay curious, and keep following what you love!

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